Vegan Life Live 2018


Vegan Life Live 2018

20th - 22nd April 2018

The team behind Vegan Life – the UK’s premier, award-winning vegan magazine – invites you to embrace the ultimate cruelty-free lifestyle with this amazing three-day event in April 2018.

2018 is set to be the year of the vegan, with an estimated 1 in 5 people trying out veganism. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, there’s no better place to celebrate this amazing lifestyle choice.

Expect the best of all things vegan, including clothing, cosmetics, household products and the most delicious food and drink - all without harming a single animal in the process. The vegan community is a special one; bringing together people with the same values who share a passion for animal welfare and environmental activism, along with a love of good food! 

Don’t forget that your ticket to Vegan Life Live includes free entry to the OM Yoga Show, and the Mind Body Soul Experience, both taking place in adjoining halls. Three shows for the price of one!


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Telephone: 01787 224040




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Visit for tickets and further information.