Fairtrade Fortnight: Meet EventCity's Certified Suppliers

At EventCity, we’re passionate about ensuring as much of our trade as possible is fair. Our team work hard to source suppliers that align with these values – making a big difference to the lives of those who grow ingredients for the products we use.

This week marks the halfway point of Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 (24th Feb – 8th March), which aims to raise awareness of the right to a living income for cocoa farmers. Fairtrade’s mission is to connect disadvantaged farmers and workers with consumers, promoting fairer trading conditions and empowering farmers to combat poverty, strengthen their position and take more control over their lives – this is a vision we are working hard to support, by teaming up with suppliers who are Fairtrade certified.

Fairtrade Fortnight Cocoa Farms

We’ve recently partnered with Fairtrade certified Tony’s Chocoloney, a range of chocolate that is not only incredibly tasty, but also committed to making the chocolate industry 100% slave-free. The company works to highlight the harsh reality of inequalities in the chocolate supply chain – starting with millions of farmers who produce cocoa and ending with billions of consumers who enjoy it. But, the area in the middle is dominated by a handful of chocolate giants that profit from keeping the price of cocoa as low as possible. As a result, farmers are forced to live in poverty – leading to child labour and slavery.

In order to fight this, Tony’s advocates five rules for slave-free chocolate, which we’re proud to support here at EventCity:

  • Traceable beans – all beans used in Tony’s chocolate are fully traceable, purchased directly from partner cooperatives.
  • Higher price – Tony’s pays an additional premium for its cocoa, because the price that farmers usually get paid makes it impossible for them to escape the poverty trap.
  • Strong farmers – Tony’s invests in the cooperatives it works with and helps to make them stronger. They are shown how to operate more professionally as an organisation, helped to achieve economies of scale, and helped to create commitment and trust amongst farmers. Strong cooperatives offer many benefits for farmers. For instance, they can negotiate a better price when buying production resources collectively.
  • The long term – Tony’s works with farmers for at least five years – that way they know they will receive the Tony’s premium for their harvest for the next few years. This gives them the opportunity to make long-term investments in their farms, e.g. buying new cocoa plants or investing in farming equipment.
  • Improved productivity and less dependency on cocoa – The Tony’s premium encourages farmers to improve their crop. As their farms become more profitable, their motivation increases – it also enables them to invest in resources like better fertiliser, in pruning their trees at the right time and planting new cocoa trees.

But it’s not just our chocolate that gets the thumbs up from Fairtrade. Our coffee supplier, Broderick’s, holds both Fairtrade and Rain Forest Alliance certificates. A family run company with three generations in the business, Broderick’s offer a large variety of coffee, tea, chocolate drinks, fruit juices and confectionary. Fairtrade is at the heart of the business, an early pioneer which has been buying Fairtrade coffee since 1998, long before other coffee companies were willing to take the risk.

Its early confidence and belief in Fairtrade has helped to grow the movement to mainstream, which means consistency for farmers and quality for coffee lovers. What’s more, the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal on Broderick’s Coffee Beans promotes environmental responsibility, social equality and economic viability for farm communities.

A Healthy Cocoa Pod

We’re delighted to be associated with both Tony’s and Broderick’s, just a couple of the fantastic Fairtrade suppliers we work with to ensure that we’re doing as much as we can to promote Fairtrade.

For more information about our in-house corporate catering, The Kitchen, please visit our dedicated page.

Posted // March 02 2020

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