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Roller Derby World Cup


Roller Derby World Cup

The third Roller Derby World Cup is taking place at EventCity! This 4-day event is being held 1 February - 4 February 2018 and welcomes 38 women's teams from around the world competing on 4 tracks.

Roller derby is a game that pits two teams of 15 players against each other, skating anti-clockwise around an oval track. Each team has 5 players on track at a time, 4 blockers and 1 jammer. Jammers are identified by the stars on their helmets and they score points by trying to overlap opposing players. It is up to the blockers to negate this by stopping opposing jammers passing them, preventing points being scored.

Join us for the largest international roller derby competition to date. A special junior roller derby expo will take place on Sunday.

All tickets are general admission. Children 10 and under are free (two children per paid adult). Thursday and Friday only tickets are now available in advance. There will be a limited amount of single-day tickets sold at the door each day.

Regular price is £92.50 for all four days. Thursday tickets are £22 . Friday tickets are £24.

The event is expected to begin at 10AM every day and possibly end at 9PM every night. Schedule can be found here: rollerderbyworldcuplive.com

More information about the event (teams, rules, etc) can be found here: rollerderbyworldcup.com

Passes cannot be shared between multiple people. There are no assigned seats and seating is not guaranteed for all games. There will be bleacher and chair seating available but they may fill up during more popular games. There will be additional space to stand or sit on the floor around the tracks. Sorry, you cannot bring your own chairs to the event.

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Questions? Contact info@rollerderbyworldcup.com (or tweet us! @rollerderbyworldcup)